A New York City firm has purchased the worldwide naming rights for the iconic Fred Segal brand, which over the last five decades has become synonymous with casual chic.

Sandow Media, which announced the acquisition, said the deal will allow it to put the iconic red, white and blue Fred Segal logo on merchandise as well as build Fred Segal stories around the globe. No word yet if the stores will be covered by Fred Segal’s trademark ivy.

Not included in the deal are the two retail outlets — one on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and another on Broadway at Fifth Street in Santa Monica.

Sandow Media did not disclose the purchase price for the naming rights, however, in an interview with the L.A. Times, Michele Caniato, president of Culture & Commerce, Sandow’s design management agency division, which will be responsible for expanding the brand, said the company will “see north of $300 million in revenue over the next three years.”

Fred Segal, 78, founded the family-run Fred Segal, Inc. in 1961 as a boutique specializing in designer jeans. He is retired and his son Michael Segal currently runs the business, which features in-house salons, a yoga studio and restaurants at its two brick and mortar locations.

Sandow Media was founded in 2002 and creates content, events and services for various design, beauty, luxury and business brands.

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