DOWNTOWN — If you work in one of the large office towers near the beach and discover that your loafers are in need of a little buffing, you may be sad to hear that the Third Street Promenade is no longer your go-to spot for a shine.

The shoe shine and repair stand that set up right outside the Starbucks Coffee near Arizona Avenue for the last 15 years is no more after its operator, Andy Waller, fell behind on his rent with City Hall.

Waller, who could not be reached for this article, owed City Hall over $500 in rent on the stand, which he rented for $110 per month.

His business license had also lapsed, and Waller had no liability insurance for the stand, according to Elana Buegoff of the Economic Development Division.

It isn’t the first time that Waller had fallen behind on his rent.

According to a 2010 article in the Daily Press, Waller was put on notice to come up with $965 to settle his debts or be asked to quit the scene.

Back then, the payments were only slightly lower, at $107.68 per month.

No one has yet been found to take over the stand, which is owned by City Hall and maintained by Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., a public-private management company that oversees the Downtown business district.

It’s been operated for almost 50 years without pause, first by a gentleman named Bob Jones until he gave it up to Earnie Whitehead in 1993.

The matter will appear on Downtown Santa Monica’s board agenda in the coming months, at which point the board will decide if the shoe shine tradition will continue or if they will find some other service to replace it, said Debbie Lee, vice president of Downtown Santa Monica.

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