A typical BrunchButler box for two includes salmon with classic Swiss bircher muesli and freshly-squeezed juice, perfect for those late-morning board meetings. (photo by Brunchbutler)

DOWNTOWN — After a long night of event planning and organizing, Raphael Monsch and his marketing team in Zurich, Switzerland would be exhausted.

Yet every Sunday morning the group would go to brunch — a popular meal in Switzerland featuring simple options like cheese or salmon.

“We thought, ‘Hey, why do we have to go out to brunch, when we spent hours working?,’” Monsch said.

From there, BrunchButler, a high-end breakfast/brunch delivery service and catering company, was born. The idea centers around getting healthy, light and fresh-tasting food to folks who are either too busy or too tired to go out to restaurants.

The company began in Monsch’s native Switzerland, but has since jumped across the Atlantic Ocean and opened for business in the Los Angeles area in March. It caters to Santa Monica and other Westside communities.

The plan is simple. Allow customers to choose what kinds of breakfast or brunch items they’d like to eat (from a menu of choices), and then food will be delivered to the door in a light colored box with utensils and napkins. It’s like a picnic basket with a little more class and elegance.

Normal business hours run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., though some pre-orders can set delivery times at any hour of the day. Delivery times can be set in advance, or else food will be delivered within an hour and a half of the call, Monsch, the founder of the company in Switzerland and the co-partner in L.A., said.

The service offers both breakfast and brunch items in a multiple course meal format. Starters, like classic Swiss bircher muesli, which tastes like a mix between granola and oatmeal with berries, soon give way to the second course, which can include mini baguette sandwiches with Italian prosciutto, ricotta and honey. Main courses pull from international menus, with items like marinated skirt steak with chimichurri and miso salmon brochette.

For dessert, BrunchButler offers a richer chocolate molten cake, among other sweet items. The menu also includes fresh juices, like orange and carrot, as well as a celery, ginger and carrot juice mixture known as the BB-Booster.

“I used to make this all the time,” Herbie Eigler, co-partner of the business in L.A., said of the Booster. “I wanted more variety in the morning, and it’s something not as sweet, with more of a kick.”

Breakfast boxes for two run $40, while a brunch box for two is $75. It’s fairly pricey, but the portions are filling.

The service’s kitchen is located near Interstate 10 in Culver City, and drivers will go to most places in the L.A. area.

Monsch said he hopes the business’s specific focus on brunch will lend the company credibility and trust from the public.

So far, BrunchButler has worked with several clients, and also set up a table at L.A.’s Fashion Week.

For now, the service only offers cold items, but hopes to expand to warm options, Eigler said. That’s a must. After all, who wants to eat a cold skirt steak?

The partners also hope to eventually open other locations in the U.S., such as New York or San Francisco, but until then, they’re trying to solicit feedback from customers to get over the “learning curve.”

Naturally, the pair’s favorite meal of the day is brunch. But there’s not really much time for that anymore, Eigler said, with a smile.

“This is an everyday job,” Monsch said.

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