CITYWIDE — Santa Monica’s plastic bag ban is going strong one year after the City Council passed an ordinance ending the reign of single use plastic bags in the city.

Businesses have embraced the ban, with no major violators reported thus far, said Josephine Miller, an employee of the Office of Sustainability and the Environment, which is in charge of administering the ban.

“Everybody’s telling me it’s a success,” she said. “The goal was to protect the marine environment. In a city of 90,000 people with 200,000 during the day, almost everyone is respecting the ban.”

No formal citations have been issued; 76 verbal warnings were given since February 2011.

Twenty-six people have complained to the office that they don’t like the ban, Miller said.

The office is considering repositioning the bag and Styrofoam container ban into a single ordinance that would ban single-use materials altogether. No other legislation is on the horizon, however.

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