The Landmarks Commission voted Monday to support the request that City Hall give supporters of the controversial “Chain Reaction” statue six months to find outside funding for repair and conservation.

Commissioners also asked for staff to put the 20-year-old statue on a future agenda, at which point they could choose to file an application for landmark status.

The application does not guarantee that the commission will try to landmark the statue, but would initiate a process to get more information on the work and its potential value as a landmark.

There are no other landmarked statues in Santa Monica, said commission liaison Scott Albright.

“Chain Reaction,” a statue made of fiber glass, steel and copper links, was created by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad. It was installed on the Civic Center lawn in 1991.

Last year, a building and safety official noticed children playing on the statue, and further analysis showed that it had considerable wear and tear that might cost up to $400,000 to fix and conserve.

Activists have asked for an additional six months to raise the money rather than allow the piece to be donated to an outside group.

The City Council is scheduled to consider its fate March 20.

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