CITY HALL — Would-be restaurateurs will soon see their options expand after the City Council approved unanimously a zoning change to permit more than one restaurant per block on a section of Main Street.

Previously, the area of Main Street north of Ocean Park Boulevard could only have one restaurant per block. The change has the support of the Main Street Business Improvement Association, which has been working on staff to achieve the change for some time.

High Place East change

The City Council approved a plan Tuesday night that changed prospective affordable ownership properties into rental properties due to problems finding financing.

Affordable units on High Place East were meant to be a path to home ownership, but a lack of financing for the project forced local affordable housing developer Community Corporation of Santa Monica to convert the property into rental units.

At the same time, the City Council approved the issuance of revenue bonds to finance the development.

Gathering permits

Gatherings including more than 75 people on the Third Street Promenade will need to get a permit in the future after the City Council took its first vote on an ordinance changing the permitting rules.

Staff cited space constraints and safety as reasons for the change.

Previously, it took over 150 people to require a permit.

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