The League of California Cities and the California City Manager Foundation are featuring Santa Monica in their ongoing “Strong Cities | Strong State” campaign highlighting local government success stories across California.

Santa Monica was recognized for its commitment to sustainability, including the City Council’s ban on single-use plastic bags; the prioritization of education by the community, including support in 2010 of a half-cent sales tax increase to help fund public schools; business attraction and retention efforts such as the Buy Local campaign and City Hall’s investment in an extensive dark fiber network for faster Internet speeds; investment in new civic projects and facilities; social responsibility and City Hall’s support of non-profits dealing with homelessness, alcohol and drug recovery and the elderly.

“Santa Monica is proud to be a participant in Strong Cities | Strong State,” said City Manager Rod Gould. “We believe it’s important to show the valuable role that cities and local governments play in people’s day-to-day lives. Santa Monica is outstanding in its ability to deliver a high level of quality city services to its residents.”

The overarching goal of the “Strong Cities” campaign is to promote the innovation and experience of local officials in delivering vital services at a time when this expertise is vitally needed by state leaders struggling with fundamental issues of governance.

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