As a part of Measure BB, both John Adams Middle School and Edison Language Academy are undergoing renovations to modernize their campuses. And in October 2011, they both recycled an average of 98 percent of their construction debris, according to officials.

At JAMS, approximately 1,201 tons of debris and waste were created during construction, and about 1,176 tons have been recycled, leaving only around 24 tons for landfills. At Edison, 25.7 tons of debris were created; 25.24 tons have been recycled.

The junk material is sometimes recycled in new construction projects. For example, stucco can become base material for new roads and broken glass can be remade into windows.

Construction at JAMS will create new classrooms, including a new art classroom and a new stage and seating area at the Commons Space. A new automatic fire alarm system will be installed. Edison is replacing all existing facilities with an entirely new campus, with updated classrooms, library, cafeteria and outdoor improvements.

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