The Friends of Sunset Park would like to believe that the Daily Press’ Dec. 9 editorial calling out the City Council’s failure to create diversity on the Airport Commission was loaded with falsehoods, but their response provided no examples of where the Daily Press got it wrong factually.

Normally the Daily Press would not respond to criticism of editorials, but to claim we are making up facts is a serious accusation and one that cannot be dismissed. They are free to disagree with us, but before making such damaging remarks, please have your facts straight.

For the record, there are currently no pilots serving on the commission and the council continues to appoint only residents from Sunset Park.

Our complaint, which we don’t know how Friends missed, is that a lack of diversity is troubling given that City Hall is engaged in a visioning process to determine the future of the airport. We need various views to formulate as many options as possible and select the best one for all Santa Monicans, not just those living near the airport. To do otherwise would be irresponsible.

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