CITYWIDE — More than 200 electric-vehicle drivers will roll down Main Street in Santa Monica on Oct. 16, as part of National Plug In Day. Twenty-four cities across the nation, from San Francisco to New York, will host a coordinated celebration — with Santa Monica’s parade being the flagship event.

Hosted by the Sierra Club, nonprofit organization Plug-In America and the Electric Auto Association, the day includes tailpipe-free tailgate parties and test drives of plug-in cars from companies such as Nissan, SMART and General Motors. Chris Paine, director of the films “Who Killed the Electric Car?” and the upcoming “Revenge of the Electric Car,” will be speaking at the event.

“Virtually every auto company in the world is selling or developing a plug-in car, and consumers are snapping up each and every one, stimulating our economy while helping the environment. You’ll see hundreds of these vehicles in National Plug-In Day activities,” said Paul Scott, Plug-In America co-founder, in a statement.

Plug-in vehicle drivers are invited to come to the Santa Monica Civic Center at 8 a.m. to participate in the parade down Main Street toward the Venice border.

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