Q: I have a Commercial Driver License and was cited for DUI while driving a commercial vehicle. Can I apply for a restricted Class C license so I can work?


A: As a commercial driver who received a DUI while operating a commercial vehicle, you are not eligible for a restricted license for employment purposes. You would only be eligible for a noncommercial Class C restricted to driving to and from your treatment program.


Q: I just paid my registration renewal fees, but my car was recently stolen. Can I get a refund?

A: I’m sorry to hear that. You must make your request for a refund within three years after payment, but you are only eligible to receive a full refund if your car was reported stolen before your registration period began. Refund requests cannot be honored beyond this period. You must submit proof of payment which can be a registration card or sticker number, photocopy of front/back of cancelled check, or receipts issued by the department or auto club. You can download an “Application for Refund, REG 399,” and mail it to the address on the form. Usually, you will receive a refund check, or be notified of the refund request status within 60 days from the date the application was received by the DMV. If your refund is denied, you may appeal by writing a letter and sending it to:


PO Box 942869 MS C271

Sacramento, Calif.


For more information on refunds, please visit www.dmv.ca.gov, click on the Publications tab, then under Fast-Facts and How to Brochures select Vehicle Registration Brochure, and click on FFVR 15 Refunds. Save Time. Go Online. It’s safe, secure and convenient!


Q: My 16-year-old son wants to get his motorcycle license. Our entire family rides motorcycles, so we would like him to be able to go on trips with us. Are there different requirements for a minor to get his motorcycle driver license than there are for an adult?


A: What a fun family activity! In order for a minor to get a class M1 motorcycle license, there are several steps he needs to take.

1. Motorcycle applicants under 21 years of age are required to complete a basic rider course before receiving a motorcycle instruction permit.

The first step is to contact the Basic Rider Course offered by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) at 1-877-RIDE-411 or visit www.ca-msp.org. The DMV motorcycle skills test is waived upon completion of the Basic Rider Course and submission of the Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training (DL 389); however, your son may be required to perform an observation test for a motorcycle-only license. 

2. Next, he must visit his local DMV field office to obtain his M1 learner’s permit. To do this he must:

• Fill out application form DL-44 (which can only be obtained by visiting a field office) and have a parent or guardian sign it;

• Provide a thumb print;

• Have his picture taken;

• Show proof that he has completed both driver education and driver training courses;

• Provide his social security number;

• Show legal proof of his identity, such as his birth certificate; 

3. The third step is to pass a vision test and two written tests: a traffic laws and sign test, and a motorcycle laws test. 

He must hold his learner’s permit for at least six months, during that time he can practice riding on his own, but he’s restricted from riding at night, on the freeway, or with a passenger. When he has fulfilled all other requirements, he is eligible to apply for a full license. Remember to make appointments online at www.DMV.ca.gov when you need to visit a field office. For more information on motorcycle laws and licensing info, go to www.DMV.ca.gov, click the Publications tab, then click the link to the California Motorcycle Handbook.

George is the director of the DMV. The DMV licenses drivers, maintains driving records, registers and tracks official ownership of vehicles and vessels, investigates auto and identity-related fraud, and licenses car dealers, driving schools, and traffic violator schools. For more information about the DMV, visit www.DMV.ca.gov.

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