This Twilight Dance Series guide has been created as a partnership between the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation and the Santa Monica Daily Press. It is intended to help concert-goers navigate the popular summer concert series.

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/081111_tds.pdf">Week 6: La Monica Ballroom Then and Now </a>

Previous guides

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/080411_tds.pdf">Week 5: In Support of a Cleaner Ocean </a>

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/072811_tds.pdf">Week 4: Reggae/ska </a>

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/072111_tds.pdf">Week 3: Australia Rocks the Pier</a>

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/071411_tds.pdf">Week 2: 80’s Pop Rock!</a>

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/070711_tds.pdf">Week 1: The Samo Mambo</a>

• <a href="http://www.www.smdp.com/pdf/063011_tds.pdf">Preview</a>

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