Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been part of public discussion in the past.

CITY HALL — Parking in Santa Monica is expensive for everyone, including City Hall.

Staff requested an additional $67,200 to continue work on bicycle parking facilities at municipal Parking Structures 7 and 8, which are located at the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway and Second Street and Colorado Avenue, respectively.

The parking facilities will include showers and lockers for members and a self-service repair center at Parking Structure 8, and bike parking along Second Street.

There will also be a bike education center run by Bike and Park, LLC.

The extra money will go to Civil Source, the construction management company overseeing the construction of the project, to account for an extension granted to the company building the facilities.

That’s on top of the original $193,938 contract, and the $148,250 extension for the construction company.

According to a staff report, the project is expected to be finished by the end of August.

Tuesday’s consent is light compared to most, with only $92,200 in additional spending and $158,000 in grants given to City Hall by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Beach parking

City staff wants to add four extra digital parking signs, similar to those outside municipal parking structures, to strategic intersections to give drivers a better idea of what parking is available to them in beach lots.

The signs will cost $25,000, and be located on Lincoln Boulevard north of Pico Boulevard, Fifth Street south of Colorado Avenue, Pico Boulevard east of Main Street and Fourth Street north of Civic Center Drive.

There will be 15 such signs overall. The majority will have a small four-digit display, and will be installed at the entrances of specified beach parking lots.

The second type of sign is a full matrix sign that is capable of displaying multiple lines of text and graphics, which will be put near the entrances to the city.

Money for the project came from a $346,500 state grant awarded in 2006.

Kimley-Horn and Associates, the company in charge of the other 11 signs, will take on the additional four.

Grant money

Tonight, the City Council will be asked to accept money from the State of California. It seems unlikely that council members would say no.

The funds will pay for overtime operations for the Santa Monica Police Department, specifically DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols and traffic and motorcycle safety operations.

These are specifically designed to attract media attention, and warn people off of dangerous behaviors.

The grant will pay for six DUI and drivers license check points, and an extra 10 DUI patrols; 12 red light, intersection and speed enforcement operations; and two motorcycle safety enforcement operations.


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