LOS ANGELES — A raid on a health food store and its raw dairy products sparked a protest outside a Los Angeles courthouse Thursday where the market’s owner was arraigned on charges of selling unlicensed, unpasteurized milk.

James Stewart, 64, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit a crime and a dozen other counts. A Superior Court judge said he could be released on $30,000 bail on the condition that he does not distribute unlicensed dairy products while freed.

His arraignment came a day after he, along with Ventura County farmer Sharon Palmer and her employee Eugenie Bloch, were arrested on charges of producing unlicensed, unpasteurized goat milk products.

Volunteers at Stewart’s Rawesome market in Venice said investigators also raided the store, dumping all dairy products and seizing cash from the register.

Prosecutors said Rawesome has been selling food to the public for six years without permits. Supporters said the market is really a members-only club specializing in raw foods and they accuse the government of an unjustified crackdown on raw milk.

At the protest, they held signs that said “Um Hello?! It’s Milk!” and yelled, “Hey, hey, FDA, don’t take our milk away.”

Unpasteurized milk is legal in California but it’s regulated to meet health standards. In the past, unpasteurized milk has been blamed for outbreaks of bacterial illnesses.

Prosecutors accused Palmer of operating her Santa Paula-based Healthy Family Farms without the required licensing for milk production.

She was scheduled to be arraigned Friday on nine counts.

Bloch, who was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit a crime, pleaded not guilty Thursday and was released on her own recognizance.

The arrests came after a yearlong probe in which undercover investigators purchased unpasteurized goat milk, cheese and yogurt from Healthy Family Farms stands at farmers markets, according to a complaint.

Investigators also searched Rawesome in June 2010, seizing stacks of unmarked jugs of raw milk, cartons of raw goat and cow milk, and blocks of unpasteurized goat cheese, among other grocery items.

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