Dispose of your personal documents and electronic waste materials at the third Community Shred and Electronics Recycling event this Saturday.

Hosted by City Hall’s Resource, Recovery and Recycling Division, the shred and disposal event will take place at the Fire Training Tower at the City Yards from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Certified shredders will destroy up to 25 file boxes worth of paper per vehicle, with file boxes measuring 12-by-17-by 9 inches, for free.

Attendees may also bring electronic waste to the event, where specialists will be sure to properly dispose of the materials to prevent e-waste.

“Anything that can be plugged in or that has a switch is considered e-waste,” said James Conway, senior environmental analyst for the Hazmat section.

This includes coffee makers and household items one wouldn’t typically think of as hazardous, he added.

When disposed of improperly, electronic waste may break and leak mercury into its surroundings, potentially poisoning landfills and groundwater, said Conway.

The first community shred occurred in October, and it generated so much buzz that that administrators have decided to make it a quarterly occurrence.

In March, the shredding event attracted approximately 400 individuals, according to Kim Braun, acting solid waste manager for the city of Santa Monica. The city is expecting roughly the same amount of people this Saturday.

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