The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation is working with Culver City to fund a program that aims to install rain barrels in 500 homes in its first year.

The barrels will capture rain water runoff and prevent further contamination of the Santa Monica Bay while replenishing groundwater supplies, city officials said. These installations are part of the larger Culver City Rainwater Harvesting Program, which aims to educate individuals about sustainability and implement sustainable projects.

Water-related energy consumption accounts for almost 20 percent of the state’s electricity and 30 percent of its natural gas usage, according to the State of California Energy Commission.

By using captured rain water for more water-related energy consumption, the state of California could substantially reduce its energy bill, city officials said.

This sustainable effort may prove especially beneficial in the summer months, when outdoor water usage accounts for 40 percent of a typical family’s water budget, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Captured rain water can nourish plants and thus help conserve water.

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