Philip Boyd (left) and Adam Milstein (middle), co-owners of SOUTH restaurant, will be hosting a fundraiser for Boyd's brother David (right) this Saturday, July 9, to help pay for David's cancer treatment.

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WILSHIRE BLVD — Purchase an order of fried chicken and waffle sliders and help a man pay for a much-needed bone marrow transplant.

The owners of SOUTH, a Wilshire Boulevard eatery serving up authentic Southern food and classic cocktails and beers, will be hosting a fundraiser Saturday, July 9, for David Boyd, a brother and friend who has been diagnosed with stage-three lymphoma.

Co-owners, Philip Boyd (David’s brother), Robyn Landrum, Adam Milstein and Chris Shanley are a tight family. When David Boyd was diagnosed, they wanted to do something to help pay for his treatment.

“When I first moved to L.A., I began bartending at Q’s with (Philip and David),” Milstein said. “Philip went on to become one of my business partners, and his brother, David, became a wonderful friend, someone I admired. We formed a great friendship.”

The fundraiser will feature raffles, donation buckets and a silent auction, plus live bands and face painting. A portion of all food and alcohol sold will go toward David Boyd’s treatment.

David Boyd was diagnosed six months ago. After five treatments of chemotherapy he was all set for his last and final treatment and things took a turn for the worse. He became seriously ill and had to be checked into Northside Hospital in Atlanta, his hometown.

Upon his arrival, the doctors found that the cancer had moved into his bone marrow and spleen. He has been going through multiple treatments in hopes of putting the cancer in remission. So far his platelet level hasn’t been where the doctors would like it to be. He will have to go through a bone marrow transplant once his body stabilizes and his cancer has been put into remission. This is a long process and he will be in the hospital for at least two months, friends and family said.

The fundraiser will kick off at 11 a.m. David Boyd will be joining in the fun, watching the festivities live from his computer back home.

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