While it should have happened sooner, the Daily Press is pleased that the City Council Tuesday supported an amendment to the Living Wage Law that will require contractors hired by City Hall to not only pay a decent wage, but to also provide the same health care and other benefits to workers’ same-sex spouses and domestic partners as are provided to other workers’ spouses.

This “equal benefits” clause is something that other cities have adopted in recent years and it’s about time a progressive city like Santa Monica, which talks a lot about celebrating diversity, did too. There is no need to discriminate against employees based on their sexual orientation or marital status, and this amendment can only help erase the social stigma that unfortunately still exists.

It’s been the Daily Press’ position that no one should be told who they can love and there shouldn’t be any barriers preventing two adults from expressing that love publicly by choosing to enter into a domestic partnership. Until gay marriage is legalized in California, entering into a domestic partnership is the only option for same-sex couples. By extending benefits to these couples, Santa Monica can help move us closer to the ultimate goal — marriage equality.

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