It’s no secret that the benefits of gardening are many, from mental to physical to environmental. But in a city of 94,000 people in just 5 square miles, not everyone has room to grow.

Santa Monica property owners in need of help with their garden, can list their space with the city’s Garden Sharing Registry. Once listed, they will be able to choose from a list of avid gardeners. Together the property owner and the gardener will structure a sustainable partnership that makes sense to both of them, including schedule, type of garden, cost sharing, storage and length of commitment.

The property owner provides the land and water and the gardener assists with the planting. Gardeners can share their expertise and enjoy the home-grown produce, fresh herbs, and fragrant flowers.

Signing up for the Garden Sharing Registry is simple. Get started today by completing an application available online at, or call (310) 458-8573.


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