For the 12th straight year City Hall took home two Technology Solutions Awards and received a Significant Achievement Award from the Public Technology Institute.

City Hall was recognized for its new paperless plan check review process, a digital workers’ comp and liability claims filing system, and its ring of dark fiber which links government and public school facilities, and private businesses to a high-speed broadband network.

Electronic Plan Review

Winner, Sustainability Category

A new paperless electronic plan check submittal and review process is now being used at City Hall. The new system offers a user-friendly and convenient way for applicants to submit plans over the Internet and assists staff to manage and review the process more quickly and efficiently. Applicants no longer need to make multiple car trips to City Hall for plan reviews. Electronic management of plans has resulted in significant efficiencies and savings for applicants and City Hall, city officials said.

Workers’ Compensation and General

Liability Claims Management

Winner, Web & eGovernment Category

Recent legislation mandates electronic reporting of all workers’ compensation and liability program medical settlements, judgments, awards or payments to claimants who are or could be Medicare beneficiaries. In order to satisfy the new requirements, City Hall upgraded and modernized the existing claims management system. All work is performed using a web browser and the overall claims management process makes use of electronic documents. Claims documents move electronically within the city and between City Hall and outside agencies such as medical and attorney offices.

Advanced Broadband Initiative

Significant Achievement, Telecommunications

& Information Technology Category

City Hall created a telecommunications master plan and built a fiber optic network that connected 59 buildings used by city staff, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and Santa Monica College. Savings realized by this project enabled City Hall to construct its own municipal fiber optic network, Santa Monica City Net, to support traffic cameras, security cameras, real-time parking advisory systems, a traffic signal synchronization system, and real-time mass transit signs. City Hall also leases dark fiber and lit services to local businesses for affordable broadband.

The results of Santa Monica’s advanced broadband initiative are a reduction in construction costs of new broadband service, an increase in purchasing power of connected local businesses, and a broadband market expansion for global Internet Service Providers that now offer service to small, medium and large commercial buildings. The program also supports an environment for local businesses to compete in the global economy with cutting edge network solutions.

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