One of Santa Monica’s most popular delis took a giant step towards sustainability, installing 96 high-performance solar panels on its roof.

Bay Cities Italian Deli, home of the famous Godmother sandwich, expects to reduce energy costs that will save it more than $5,000 in the first year, with a projected electricity bill savings of more than $244,000 over the warranted lifetime of the system, according to PermaCity Solar, which completed the installation.

“In Southern California we have so much sun that installing solar panels really equates to year round savings,” said Bob Garacochea, owner of Bay Cities. “The installation was seamless and did not disrupt our customers, which was very important. It allowed us to carry on with business as usual, while doing our part to conserve energy.”

Bay Cities has been a staple in the Santa Monica community since 1925, said Jonathan Port, CEO of PermaCity Solar.

“Santa Monica is very environmentally conscious, and we’re proud to partner with Bay Cities as they make their community’s long-term renewable energy goals a priority,” he added.

The deli’s system consists of 315 Watt Monocrystaline modules from Sunpower. The modules are designed to function even on overcast days, and all wires are hidden in the conduit pipes. The installation also incorporates the E-curb, PermaCity’s latest mounting equipment method that guards against any roof penetration. 

City Hall encourages residents and businesses to install solar panels wherever possible. The Solar Santa Monica initiative assists the community in reducing energy use and dependence on fossil fuels by providing free services for interested buyers and a list of preferred contractors. The program is in its third year. The goal is to help the city be energy self-sustaining by 2020.

— Daily Press


Gift of giving

The William H. Hannon Foundation has provided a grant of $20,000 to St. Monica Catholic High School for financial aid during the upcoming school year, St. Monica announced Friday.

The high school is located a few blocks from the foundation’s office in Santa Monica.

“These difficult economic times continue to impact many people’s financial circumstances and affording a Catholic education has become an even tougher challenge for many of our families,” said Thom Gasper, president of St. Monica Catholic Schools. “The scholarship assistance provided by the William H. Hannon Foundation’s significant contributions in the past has been an immense blessing to our students.”

With this current grant, the foundation will have provided $70,000 in scholarships to the high school since 2007 in addition to providing an annual all expenses paid trip to Hawaii used to raise funds for the school.

“St. Monica’s is our neighbor and we are pleased to continue to support their educational efforts through student scholarships,” said Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, president of the William H. Hannon Foundation.

The foundation was launched in 1983 by the late Catholic philanthropist and real estate developer William H. Hannon. The goal is to support Catholic churches and schools, as well as hospitals and social service organizations that are focused on improving the lives of people in communities Hannon helped build.

— DP

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