(photo by Photo Courtesy Heal The Bay)

SM BEACH — Almost 300 volunteers gathered here to pick up trash with their favorite Dodgers baseball stars Tuesday.

The clean up was part of the Dodgers Community Caravan, a two-day event that connects Dodgers players and their fans in community service activities.

The beach clean up, a two-hour effort coordinated with Heal the Bay, split the 300 volunteers into five teams, each with a designated Dodger. The teams then competed to see which could collect the most trash.

Outfielder Gabe Kapler’s team trashed the competition, collecting 30 pounds of Styrofoam, cigarette butts and other refuse.

All five teams disposed of 75 pounds of accumulated waste.

Teresa Evans, traveled from the San Fernando Valley to participate in both caravan days. Monday, the team and some volunteers cleaned up an area of the Los Angeles River.

“I’m glad the Dodgers are doing this,” she said. “They’re thinking green and blue.”

Carolann Shapiro and her three children, Liala, Cami and Zach, live in a neighborhood next to the Dodgers Stadium.

The family aimed to see Fernando Valenzuela, Sweet Lou Johnson and Matt Kemp, and enjoyed walking and talking with the players.

Overall, Heal the Bay considered the event a success despite the rain which dampened the first hour of collection, said Meredith McCarthy, program director.

Beyond cleaning up the beach, the event gives Heal the Bay a chance to educate inlanders on the consequences of littering.

A cigarette butt dropped 20 miles from the ocean finds its way untreated into a storm drain and washes out to the beach, she said.

“It starts at your front door,” McCarthy said.


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