It’s been two years, but finally the City Council approved the ban on single-use plastic bags. The Daily Press supports this move and believes it will help protect the environment and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

City Hall did the right thing by delaying the vote so that further research could be done on the environmental impact of such a ban. Facing possible litigation from the plastics industry, City Hall held off to cover all its bases. Smart move.

Now the hard work begins. Educating the public will be critical, as will pressuring other municipalities in the region to pass similar bans.

While some say it poses a hardship for some people (paper bags will cost shoppers 10 cents while purchasing reusable bags can cost 99 cents), we believe it’s a small price to pay to protect the environment and future generations from pollution. City Hall has been great about distributing reusable bags at events and we encourage residents to check them out to pick up some for free. Some of the bags distributed by City Hall have been made by veterans in Westwood. By enacting the ban, the council is saving us from ourselves while also providing work for others, stimulating the economy.

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