DOWNTOWN — New Year’s resolutions: Everybody makes them, almost everybody breaks them.

In an attempt to make it a little more difficult to renege this year, the Daily Press checked in with a range of local movers and shakers and put them on the record with their 2011 promises. Some people, as you’ll see, took our earnest request for public resolutions more seriously than others. The following is a snapshot of what notable Santa Monicans are aiming to achieve in the next 365 days, lightly edited for space and coherence. It’s time to get cracking, you don’t want to look silly when we do this again next year.

“I vow to live more vicariously through my children in 2011. Since I’m always pushing for a healthier bay, I’ve avoided falling into that trap for many years. But with two sons at Samohi — an eco-brainiac, all-league water polo playing senior and a freshman mega-band geek — and a Lincoln sixth grader daughter that can make anyone smile, I’m going to spend more time reveling in their accomplishments. But I still resolve to stop at nothing to get Santa Monica to finally ban single use plastic bags in 2011.” — Mark Gold, President of Heal the Bay.

“Read a few books, write a couple of articles, and save some money to take my wife to Europe in 2012.” — Scott Ferguson, Santa Monica Fire Chief.

“Get a bike action plan adopted, push for new and different uses of public space (including roads) with a Cyclovia and pop-up parks, look for ways to open new parks (including an arboretum) and deep green Santa Monica, work harder to make our schools great.” — Richard McKinnon, Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

“Pass the plastic bag ban and always earn an ‘A’ on the Heal the Bay report card, permanently house many more homeless individuals, ensure the transfer of millions of Prop. Y dollars to schools as promised and as directed by voters, be grateful for my family, my friends and my community, and visit my mom more often.” — Richard Bloom, Mayor.

“I am resolving in 2011 to start wearing long pants instead of shorts. (Oops, that was actually meant as a belated April Fools Day joke.)” — Jerry Rubin, Activist and City Council gadfly.

(Editor’s note: Thanks Jerry, you’re always worth a call. And please, consider wearing some pants.)

“In 2011, I resolve to continue to thank every person who voted for, contributed to and/or volunteered for Measures Y and YY, assist in any way possible in the school board’s extremely important selection of a new superintendent, and thank Tim Cuneo for his three years of steady, dedicated leadership. I’ll also keep on running on San Vicente and Ocean Avenue and in the Santa Monica Mountains, experience stand-up paddle-boarding in the Santa Monica Bay, and enjoy the beach as much as possible, spend lots of quality time with my family and buy local!” — Shari Davis, Santa Monica-Malibu Council of PTAs president.

“My resolution is to remember Ken Genser and honor his legacy.” — Patricia Hoffman, Co-chair of Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights.

“To continue to publish Santa Monica’s most trusted source for news, while also finding time to perfect my BBQ and beer-making skills. Also, I want to be a better communicator, reaching out to friends and family more to build stronger bonds.” — Kevin Herrera, Editor-in-Chief, Santa Monica Daily Press.

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