LOS ANGELES — A new storm was making its way toward California from the Pacific Northwest on Monday as parts of the state cleaned up damage left by last week’s drenching rains.

Temperatures, which had been well below seasonal norms, were up slightly across the sun-splashed Los Angeles area and in San Diego County and showers had eased in the San Francisco Bay area, National Weather Service specialist Stuart Seto said.

The improvement in weather conditions was not expected to last, with a fast-moving storm bearing down on the region from the northwest. That weather system was due to reach Northern California on Tuesday.

In Southern California, up to 1? inches of rains were expected in the mountains and about half that much along the coast. Seto said the storm will push a cold front into the area that will bring gusty winds and frigid temperatures.

Last week, California was deluged with heavy rains that resulted in tens of millions of dollars of damage, according to preliminary estimates.

A state of emergency was declared in 11 counties, including Los Angeles, Orange and Santa Barbara.

A 67-year-old Pasadena woman died after driving her car onto a flooded street in Chino on Christmas Day and there was at least one other death resulting from cars plunging into waterways and several other storm-related traffic fatalities.

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