CITYWIDE — It certainly was a manic Monday for one Metro bus driver who missed a freeway ramp early this morning, tried to make a U-turn and ended up with his bus disabled and blocking six lanes of Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. 

The driver, heading from a garage to his route up Santa Monica Boulevard, instead steered onto northbound PCH during a driving rain storm, a Metro spokesman said. The bus driver tried to make a U-turn in the 800 block of PCH, but ran out of room. The front bus bumper snagged a sidewalk and fell off, and then the dus driver backed over the bumper. 

That stalled the bus, as it straddled three southbound lanes, two northbound lanes and the center left turn lane. That effectively choked PCH between the California Incline and the McClure Tunnel, north of the Santa Monica Freeway. 

The bus was towed away. 

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