November is nationally known as “adopt-a–senior-pet month” and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) encourages the public to consider adopting a senior pet this month. 

Senior animals make great companions, county officials said. They have lots of love to give and have already acquired many desirable qualities that come with maturity. Giving a senior animal a second chance at a new life can be very rewarding.

Here are other reasons to consider adopting a senior pet:

• Previous training: Most senior animals already know how to live with humans. Senior animals generally require less supervision and less constant care, which make them ideal companions for families with busy lives. Also, most of the time, senior animals are already house or litter box trained and respond to basic commands.

• Lower physical demands: Senior animals are not as physically demanding as younger pets. Older animals are more content napping and curling up by your feet. Like all animals, be sure to give them quality time by walking them and giving them attention. Usually, senior animals prefer quiet walks instead of intense exercise, and will not jump on you or tug on the leash.

• Great companion animal: Most of the time, senior animals have lived with a family before, so they already know what it is like to be a part of a family unit. A senior dog has already passed through the “puppy stage,” and can be a great model for younger dogs, teaching them good habits and behaviors. 

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a pet, be sure to visit one of the county shelters.

For more information, stop by your local animal shelter or visit

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