Ever notice that the bus function on Google Maps doesn’t include Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus?

The Big Blue Bus announced Friday it has provided its entire schedule and route information to Google Transit, a Web-based service with information that can also be accessed through Google Maps.

Riders can now enter a starting point, destination and travel times to find step-by-step directions for their trip, making the ordeal of taking public transportation in Los Angeles a little less stressful.

Google Transit also includes information from other Los Angeles County transportation systems, including Metro, DASH, Metrolink, Burbank Bus, Foothill Transit, Thousand Oaks Transit, Long Beach Transit and Amtrak

“One of the best features of Google Transit is its accessibility through any device with an Internet connection, including mobile phones, which can be really helpful if a person decides to change plans during a trip,” said Stephanie Negriff, director of transit services for BBB.

To use this service, visit google.com/transit.

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