The YWCA of Santa Monica has been collecting Halloween costumes for the past two months and will begin offering them to local families in need in the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica and the Police Activities League here in Santa Monica, as well as to some local churches, including the Delaware Avenue SDA Church and the Church on Pearl.

Allison Griffith, the assistant director of housing at the YWCA, estimates there are at least 100 child-size costumes — ranging from small toddler sizes to larger pre-teen and teen sizes. There are also some adult costumes available which the YWCA plans to donate on Halloween night, which this year will fall on a Sunday.

“The YWCA thought costumes would be helpful and we want all of our Santa Monica youth to have a healthy and happy Halloween,” Griffith said.

“Any of us with children knows that a costume can run you a fortune. When things go in the economy, parents have to ask themselves: do I buy food or does my kid need a costume?”

The YWCA has served Santa Monica for over 20 years by providing a sheltered place for women and children.

“This is our first year running the give-away, but hopefully not the last,” said Allison. “I think this could definitely turn into an annual tradition.”


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