DOWNTOWN — Santa Monica City Council stalwart Bob Holbrook raised $37,624 in the past three months, jumping out to a big money lead over his competitors, campaign disclosure documents show.

Challenger Ted Winterer was the second place fundraiser among those seeking a four-year term on the council with $22,406 in donations between July 1 and Sept. 30. He also loaned his campaign an additional $5,000.

Incumbents Kevin McKeown and Pam O’Connor, also running for four-year seats, were a ways behind with $12,739 and $9,048 raised during the period, respectively.

Terry O’Day was the money leader in the two-year race, with $28,250 raised between July and October, followed by Gleam Davis, who brought in $11,162 and Robert Kronovet, who raised $3,511 and loaned his campaign an additional $2,000. Two-year term challenger Susan Hartley had received a total of $1,700 during the calendar year.

Davis and O’Day looking for GOP support?<p>

The phrase “Continuing the Republican Revolution” is not one most folks would associate with council candidates Davis and O’Day — both of whom champion progressive causes and have received endorsements from the local Democratic Club.

Nevertheless, both candidates paid $120 in order to be included on a mailer by that name, campaign disclosure statements show.

Produced by the Newport Beach firm Hart & Associates, it’s “one of the oldest and most respected Republican slate mailers in California,” according to the group’s website.

Both candidates said the Republican mailer is simply a cost effective way to reach a particular swath of Santa Monica voters — not evidence of usually closeted supply-side leanings. Like many local candidates, both are paying to be included on several slate mailers in addition to the Republican one.

There was no requirement to take platform positions in-line with Republican principles in order to be included on the slate, they said.

Davis said her campaign consultant placed her on the slate without her knowledge.

“I certainly didn’t go out asking to be on Republican slate mailers given that I’m a lifelong Democrat. But sometimes your campaign consultant will tell you that you want Republican as well as Democratic votes in a non- partisan election,” she said.

In a twist, Kronovet, one of the few registered Republicans running for public office in Santa Monica and who is challenging Davis and O’Day, hadn’t paid to be on the “Continuing the Revolution” mailer.

But he said he wasn’t concerned his opponents were trying to steal his base.

“They’re trying to win an election,” he said. “I’m reaching out to Democrats myself.”

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