Whoever said television rots your brain definitely isn’t familiar with CityTV, Santa Monica’s public cable television station.

Thanks to a partnership between CityTV and the California State University at Dominguez Hills viewers can take a break from watching mind-numbing reality television and enroll in college classes simply by tuning in. Starting today, CityTV will broadcast televised college -level classes hosted by the university. All classes will be aired live on cable channel 99.

Viewers can receive college credit for the 13-week long courses, as well as call a toll-free number during the class to participate in a live and challenging discussion with other viewers or guest lecturers.

Forbes Magazine named California State University at Dominguez Hills one of the leading higher education institutions for distance learning. The university serves more than 4,000 students enrolled in online and televised programs all over the world.

The classes that CityTV will broadcast come from a wide array of academic disciplines like science, communication, the arts and social science. A few include, “Introduction to Marine Life,” a class produced in association with the Long Beach Aquarium of The Pacific; “Gardens of California,” a study of the environment and gardening techniques; “Introduction to Public Relations,” which includes the principles of public relation practices and how they are applied to different organizations; and “Dimensions of Leisure,” which examines the philosophy of leisure and its impact on society.

For a complete list of classes, schedules and descriptions, contact the Center for Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning at (310) 243-2288.

— Daily Press

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