Today I read that one of the FBI’s most wanted is some guy running around with a passport from Ghana. “El Shukrijumah is thought to have served as one of the leaders of al-Qaida’s external operations program.”

The FBI goes on to tell us that al-Qaida has recently promoted Adnan Shukrijumah to “chief of the terror network’s (TN) global operations.” Was this announcement made by the terror network’s marketing department? Can you imagine how devoid of souls their corporate attorneys must be?

Let’s see, chief executive officer is CEO. Is this guy really being called the chief operation officer or COO of the terror network? So, as unlikely as it seems, a group of redneck Afghanis, who’re still living in the stone age, somehow have a human resources department, pension system, and other corporate amenities. It sounds more like some nice kid from Kansas, who has never traveled to the middle east, just created this announcement 10 minutes before the meeting with his boss’ boss. It just sounds silly.

The truth is, everything is starting to sound silly lately. Democrats are voting to increase war spending. Republican Gov. Schwarzenegger is leading the charge for gay marriage. “Don’t ask and don’t tell” President Obama that Guantanamo Bay is still open for business. Nothing is making any sense.

This week Reuters news service states: “Neither Kabul nor international forces want to go hard on eradicating poppy fields, because the move would alienate local populations, and most of the drugs are grown in areas where the insurgency is already strong.”

Well, imagine that. We have 100,000 of the greatest soldiers this planet has ever seen, equipped with the most powerful technologies of war ever made and they can not stop the drug dealers. Recent estimates by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime show that 93 percent of the world’s opium, and a majority of heroin and hashish, is produced in Afghanistan. This is also what our very large drug corporations use to produce the most highly addictive prescription drugs such as codeine and morphine.

That’s right, the terrorist drug dealers in Afghanistan are shipping opium to the United States to the same big drug companies, who then rip us off for our prescription drugs, which we can purchase for less from Canada. Does that mean our drug companies are paying the terrorists to kill our soldiers? So, in an open war on drugs we’re not able to stop drugs from leaving Afghanistan, but we somehow believe our police could possibly do a better job than the greatest military force on the planet. This doesn’t make any sense.

The American Medical Association has clearly said it is against legalizing marijuana. You see, the AMA got its start as the leading medical association in the United States because it grabbed the exclusive right to distribute drugs to Americans. I love their motto “Helping Doctors Help Patients.” Let me put it this way, the official exclusive drug dealers of the United States are against someone else selling a drug, or growing their own on their turf. This is the same group of people that are paying terrorists in Afghanistan for the drugs they sell/prescribe to Americans. This is starting to become very silly indeed.

Personally I am against legalizing hard drugs. Growing up, my friends who “experimented” with hard drugs found that the harder drugs made them feel better than anything else in their lives. So good, in fact, that they couldn’t stop thinking about it. The potheads became attorneys and doctors; the heroine users ended up in jail, rehab or dead. This is the catch with hard drugs. They will, in fact, give you the greatest feeling you’ll ever have, but will leave you craving it for the rest of your life. Personally, I’ll pass on that and keep enjoying my cigars and scotch, or a nice glass of wine with dinner. Anything that would detract from that experience is not welcome in my home.

Unfortunately the world gets even stranger to me because I find myself supporting the initiative that legalizes marijuana in California. The narco-terrorists in Mexico are out of control, and the primary source of money is from their sale of marijuana. Mexico is now a narco-terrorist state, and I’m against terrorists. So anything that takes money and power away from the narco-terrorists is good in my book. We all know that when we had prohibition of alcohol, Al Capone and his thugs were running the country. Then we legalized alcohol, and organized crime had to get jobs in corporate America.

Strange events seem to be happening in every corner of our lives. The Democrats just confirmed Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court justice, although she’s never been a judge before. The Republicans talked about everything but the obvious, while the Democrats, who claim to support diversity, would not pick an Asian or black female judge and added the seventh Harvard-educated judge to the court.

Everyday, when I look at the news, I feel like the previous night I had decided between the red pill and the blue pill from the movie “The Matrix.” I think I’ll put my aluminum foil hat back on and take my meds before anyone finds out I was sitting at the keyboard.

David Alsabery took the blue pill and is loving life. He can be reached at

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