CITY HALL — Planning to shed new light on Santa Monica’s streets and parks, the City Council at its meeting tonight is set to approve $1.57 million to upgrade street lamps and add new lighting fixtures around town.

The proposed contracts for the project are with Dynalectric, which would receive $1.4 million, and with TCM Group, which would get $174,000 for construction inspection services.

The street light project is part of a $6.2 million spending package included in the consent agenda for tonight’s meeting.

The council is also being asked to approve $1.16 million to repave the runway and make other improvements to the grounds at Santa Monica Airport.

The proposed project contracts for the planned work at SMO are with Valley Slurry Seal, Inc. for $1.06 million and with Mead & Hunt Inc., for $96,000.

The council is also set to approve $825,000 to buy three new “sewer jetter trucks” used to clean and maintain sewer lines. The proposed contract for the replacement trucks is with Hawthorne-based Plumbers Depot.

Also on the agenda is a one-year deal with Irvine-based EcoMotion for project development and implementation services for City Hall’s Solar Santa Monica program, which aims to facilitate construction of renewable energy installations on existing and new buildings.

The proposed contract is worth $150,000 and has a renewal option for an additional two years.

The council is also being asked to approve $133,000 for repairs to timber supports at the Santa Monica Pier. The proposed contract to fix the supports is with the John S. Meek Co.

City Hall also says it needs a new garbage truck to empty trash receptacles at public beaches. The council is being asked to sign off on a $316,000 contract with Boerner Truck Center for a fully automated 4×4 refuse packer.

The maintenance department is also asking for three replacement street sweepers at a cost of $893,000. The proposed contract for the trucks is with Mar-Co Equipment Co., which is based in Pomona.

In a bid to modernize the city’s water treatment system, the council is also being asked to approve $806,000 to upgrade and maintain the automated computer control system that allows remote operation and control of water and wastewater system equipment and facilities. The system is called the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for water and wastewater facilities. The proposed contract for the improvements to the system and employee training is with Beavens Systems Inc.

The council is also set to approve a construction contract for the embalming room at the City Hall-owned Woodlawn Cemetery. The proposed contract with 1st California Construction is for $205,000. The plan is to convert an existing maintenance room into an embalming facility as part of the cemetery’s recently approved business plan.

Also on the agenda is approval of $100,000 worth of “personal protective equipment” for the police department. The purchases will be made using money received under the Urban Area Security Initiative, which is aimed at implementing the U.S Department of Homeland Security’s anti-terrorism security goals.

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