With a theatrical debut that set an all-time record for the biggest weekend Bollywood opening film in North America, two of India's biggest stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, star in 'My Name is Khan.' (photo by Photo Courtesy)

‘My Name is Khan’

With a theatrical debut that set an all-time record for the biggest weekend Bollywood opening film in North America, two of India’s biggest stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, star in this romance. Khan, an Indian man with a unique way of looking at the world, moves to San Francisco where he meets a vivacious single mother (Kajol) and where the journey really begins. (Fox)


A new surrealistic nightmare from horror director William Malone (“House on Haunted Hill”) stars Laura Baxter in a twist on the classic tale of “Sleeping Beauty.” Baxter (“Chain Letter”) suffers from a bizarre medical condition that keeps her in an almost constant dream state, causing her to literally sleep her life away. In that state (at her most vulnerable) she is unaware that a psychotic mass murderer is attempting to take possession of her life. Director commentary; a making-of segment, and deleted scenes are part of the title. (E1 Entertainment)

‘Predator (Ultimate Hunter Edition)’

(Blu-ray) Leading an elite group of commandos on a rescue mission deep into the jungle, Arnold Schwarzenegger wages an all-out war against an unseen enemy; a powerful and deadly predator not of this earth. This version includes an all-new digital restoration and assorted making-of documentaries including a look at the special effects, as well as deleted scenes and outtakes. (Fox)

‘Hung: The Complete First Season’

Thomas Jane (“61,” “The Punisher”) stars as Ray Drecker, a former high school sports great turned middle-aged high school basketball coach. Up against the wall financially and raising two teens after a divorce, Drecker decides to take advantage of the one extraordinary God-given gift that sets him apart from most men. With a little help from Tanya (Jane Adams), a dizzy poet acquaintance turned Drecker’s pimp, he tries to juggle the demands of everyday life with the ups and downs of his crazy new venture. All 10 episodes come in a two-disc set with multiple extra behind-the-scenes segments from the new series. (HBO)

‘Touching Evil: The Complete Collection’

After a near-death experience from a gunshot wound to the head, Detective Inspector Dave Creegan recovers to find his life in shambles. He joins an elite team of detectives that takes on everyone from sadists and serial killers to psychopaths and pedophiles. However, Creegan eschews the advanced technical procedures of his colleagues, preferring to use his own instincts. Robson Green (“Wire in the Blood,” “Reckless”) shines as Creegan, who has a gift in being able to connect with criminal minds. Eight episodes are spread over five discs. (Acorn Media)

‘Rolling Stones: Stones in Exile’

A compelling examination of the making of the band’s 1972 Tour de Force Exile on Main Street album, this DVD blends new interviews with band members and prominent producers, including Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts, with classic footage from their days recording the album. It also gives an inside look at the band living and recording in the south of France in 1971. The title includes a substantial amount of bonus material. Truly an insightful chronicle of one of the most iconic rock n’ roll bands of all time. (Eagle Rock)

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