Let’s face it … in Santa Monica you have to be thin to attract a good-looking guy. And we’re not just talking “thin,” but “in-shape thin.”

That means no flabby arms, no sagging butt and no cellulite — anywhere. All this of course, should be coupled with great muscle tone, evenly tanned skin and a dewy, youthful complexion. Burn Fitness is helping me to take care of the physical part of this process (and I’ve always had dewy skin — so no worries there) but what about the mental part that comes with losing weight? We go through myriad changes when we drop those unwanted pounds, some joyous, some emotional (like my crying fit on the stairs last week — which by the way, I’m proud to report, I’m now jumping those steps like a champ), and some that are less tangible than the aforementioned states. These may be comprised of little bouts of insecurity, self-doubt, hesitation and the sinking feeling that everyone else at the gym is way ahead of you in terms of their programs.

My trainer, Keith Sims says, “You have to get yourself to a place where you look at yourself in the mirror and see something positive. You need to first be happy with your body and then in a healthy way, evaluate how you can be in even better shape than your current state.” It’s so true. There are women I see at the gym that to me, look perfect. But if you ask them, they may be feeling fat or tell you they’re not in as great shape as they used to be. But no matter where we are in our fitness regiment, we all need encouragement.

That’s where the girls at the front desk come in. The front desk of any gym gives you a good indication of what to expect from the gym itself; at Burn Fitness it translates to “supportive, nurturing and uplifting.”

The girls here offer me daily positive affirmations, a good dose of humor to balance out any insecure thoughts I may be having that particular day — menstrual bloating, anyone? But most importantly … these girls and I, we talk about guys. And there are a lot of guys. There’s the screenwriter (can we say, unstable), the older dude who needs blue pills (they are slowly convincing me to ditch him), the market owner (the guy I keep dreaming about. Yeah, you know who you are — pick up the phone), and the 22 year old. Did I mention that since I’ve lost 10 pounds I’ve been seeing a younger guy? Let me say it again, I’m dating a 22 year old! Demi Moore, eat your heart out. Your husband’s a relic compared to my young stallion.

But what good is dating a young guy if you can’t dish about him? Enter effervescent Kejo Thomas — the upbeat, driving force behind the front desk. She’s the person I see most often and is always genuinely interested in my life — particularly that 22-year-old element. “You go girl,” she tells me.

To be fair, I did join Burn Fitness to find “Mr. Right” and finally hot guys are starting to look at me. But something else is happening, too. I’m starting to feel good about myself and this is inspiring me to continue with my program.

“I see you here everyday doing your cardio, talking with Keith about what you’re eating. You can definitely see results, you look great,” says Kassie Hight, a pretty girl who also works the front desk. It is feedback like this, coupled with seeing members, such as Susy Sedano, a beautiful gal in amazing shape, that help keep me motivated. When I first embarked on this journey, I would watch Sedano effortlessly glide over the steps and she would watch me huffing and puffing. About my progress Sedano says, “I see your endurance building. Your stamina and your cardio have increased. You’re so much stronger when you’re doing the step-ups. You last longer.”

And I have to last longer … excuse me, I’m am seeing a 22 year old.

If dating a hot, young guy is the result of 10 shed pounds, one can only surmise what the next 10 will bring? Oh, I’m so ready to be thin again.

Taylor can be reached at tailfish@roadrunner.com.

By the numbers

Starting Weight: 182

Pounds Lost: 10.5

Current Weight: 171.5

Goal Weight: 135

Pounds to Lose to Goal: 36.5

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