CLOVER PARK — Just in time for Mother’s Day, locals can celebrate their own moms and Mother Nature together at the zero-waste, 19th annual Santa Monica Festival this Saturday.

The festival is being put on by the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Community and Cultural Services Department, Arts Commission and Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

Providing something for every member of the family, the festival includes music and dance performances, hands-on art, shopping, food and environmental information, all with a concentration on being green.

“We really wanted it to be a treat for moms where they could really have … a relaxing day” said Carla Sameth of the Santa Monica Festival. “[But also] there’s a huge environmental focus.”

The festival, which costs $120,000, is paid for by both City Hall and various other donors, said Allison Ostrovsky, cultural affairs supervisor.

Festival organizers maintain this theme through their programming, like at the Eco Zone. In the Eco Zone, workshops and booths will be set up to teach participants about making environmentally-conscience — yet affordable — living decisions through introducing them to organizations in Santa Monica working to make earth-smart changes.

If festival go-ers are in the mood for some entertainment, they can make their way to one of the two solar-powered stages alternating musical and dance performances throughout the day. All other energy used during the festival similarly comes from renewable sources, said Norma Kelly of the Santa Monica Festival.

“The goal … is really to celebrate the city of Santa Monica and the people that are there,” Kelly said. “[It’s] also to really focus on the environment.”

In keeping with the environmental, zero-waste mentality, all utensils, plates, cups and napkins used will be recyclable or compostable. The festival is well-equipped for these products, with zero-waste zones encouraging recycling and composting scattered throughout the park grounds. Additionally, water stations will be on hand to refill reusable water bottles.

In additional to the environmental, the festival is geared to take on a multi-cultural feel. Hungry participants visiting the global cafe will find local vendors selling international cuisine. Mama’s Hot Tamales, May’s Thai Food and Hawaiian Ice King Kone are just a few of the eateries ready to take patrons’ taste buds around the world.

“It goes back to Santa Monica trying to be a very global, international city,” Kelly said.

The festival marketplace, selling earth-friendly goods from artists and vendors such as Humanitaire, Katmandu and MySoul Designs, will further broaden residents’ global horizons. Shoppers will boost the local economy while browsing through wares representing many cultures and countries.

Another place global cultures will be displayed is on the stage. One such performing group, Clarita and the Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre, will bring classical Spanish dances, including the Flamenco, to Santa Monica.

“We just love really bringing what we do to the stage and to audiences,” said Carlita Lacorona, Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre founder. Furthermore, Lacorona and her company appreciate the environmental-emphasis put on the day.

“[The environment] is a huge issue and it’s extremely important, now more than ever,” Lacorona said, who focuses on recycling and saving energy at her studio. “Going to this festival, we’re all carpooling.”

The festival takes place in Clover Park and runs from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Admission, parking and bike valet are free.

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