CITY HALL — Traffic jams in one of the most congested sections of the city could be reduced by as much as 20 percent if the City Council tonight approves a new traffic signal timing plan for the Downtown area, according to City Hall.

Though traffic signals in parts of Downtown have been analyzed for traffic efficiency, the entire area, which comprises 59 traffic signals, has never been synchronized as a whole.

The proposed contract for Downtown traffic synchronization services with KOA Corp. would cost City Hall $150,000 and is part of a $1.8 million spending package included in the council’s consent agenda for tonight’s meeting.

Trash collection services in Santa Monica are set to get a 21st century overhaul under a City Hall plan to buy new software aimed at optimizing garbagemen’s routes.

Instead of manually designing the routes, the new software would “utilize the latest technologies that apply sophisticated algorithms” to come up with the most efficient trash collection itineraries.

The software system, which would cost $368,000, would improve customer service and reduce maintenance costs, a City Hall report said.

The route maps and other signs at 1,200 Big Blue Bus stops are scheduled to be redesigned, under a proposed contract with CHK America. The proposal would create signs with information specific to each bus stop, thereby reducing on-street clutter by decreasing the number of signs and sign holders needed, according to a City Hall report. The proposed contract is for $179,550.

The council is also set to approve $135,000 for a new “wheel-loader with multi-purpose bucket” to be used by the street maintenance division. The proposed contract is with Bejac Corp.

Also on the agenda is a four-year contract worth $850,000 for maintenance and replacement equipment at wastewater pumping facilities operated by City Hall. The proposed contract is with PumpMan.

The council is also expected to approve $112,000 to buy a new truck that mechanics would use to travel to Big Blue Buses when they break down along routes. The proposed contract is with Thorson Motor Center for delivery of one service truck powered by compressed natural gas.

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