SAMOHI — Two students here have been arrested for allegedly bringing daggers, ninja stars and other weapons on campus, police said this week.

The two male students, who were not identified because they are juveniles, were arrested after a school security officer spotted one of the boys with a suspicious metal object in his pocket.

After receiving the tip, police interviewed the first student Feb. 25 and found he had nine knives in his pockets and backpack, detectives with the Santa Monica Police Department said.

Police interviewed the suspect’s friends and the next day arrested another male student for allegedly possessing 12 knives and a loaded BB gun while on campus.

Both suspects also had handcuffs, ski masks and rope.

Police said there was no indication the boys had been involved in fights or belonged to gangs, and there was no evidence of a plan to incite violence.

“They were both fascinated with these ninja knives and weaponry,” said Leslie Trapnell, an SMPD juvenile detective.

Trapnell said there was “no real explanation as to why” the weapons were brought to school.

“I think it was just a persona they wanted to portray,” she said.

Police also searched both boys’ homes, where they said they found additional weapons, including swords.

Detectives said some of the weapons found at the school were “Rambo-style” survival and hunting knives and “throwing star” knives.

Both boys were charged with illegally bringing weapons to school and the cases have been refereed to the District Attorney’s Inglewood Juvenile Office for prosecution, police said.

Juvenile Detective Lloyd Gladden said the incident was not part of a trend at Samohi.

“It’s highly unusual for kids to be bringing these types of weapons to campus and as many as they did,” he said.

Reached on Wednesday, School Board President Barry Snell declined to comment on the incident, citing “a confidentiality issue with respect to the kids” and calling it strictly “a police matter.”

He declined to say whether the students would be disciplined by the school district.

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