BBB HDQTRS — The Big Blue Bus is helping out in an effort to raise money for arts programs at local public schools.

In a new campaign to boost donations to the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation, City Hall’s bus system is donating valuable advertising space on the sides of 25 buses that the foundation is selling off for $5,000 each.

Donors can run ads featuring a company logo or family name and can write the expense off on their taxes. The ads will be displayed for 10 weeks from May 3 to July 11. The Ed Foundation estimates each bus ad will be viewed 230,000 times.

After the cost of printing and installing the ads, all the money will go to support arts education in local schools, said Linda Gross, the foundation’s executive director.

She said the foundation still has 15 ads to sell with less than two weeks left in the promotion. The deadline to buy a bus ad is April 12, she said.

Gross said the new partnership with the BBB is a pilot program the foundation hopes to repeat.

“With all of the budget cuts and things being as difficult as they’ve been we were just trying to get creative,” she said.

“If we’re successful in this campaign we’d like to take another 10-week block in the year and benefit academics. Eventually we could do a round for athletics.”

Donations to the Ed Foundation’s arts and academic endowments have decreased by about 50 percent in the past year and a half, Gross said.

The BBB did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the promotion Friday afternoon.

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