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CYBERSPACE — It might be a bit corny, but it’s catchy.

Tech-savvy City Hall has released a one-minute, 48-second video on YouTube featuring a singer/songwriter and his acoustic guitar as he belts out a ballad in front of Internet giant Google’s offices on Arizona Avenue, all in an attempt to win a high-speed Internet system.

Google is looking for one city to install a powerful broadband network that is promised to be more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today. And City Hall wants to be that city.

City officials are preparing an application to participate in the trial run.

Google’s offer to install the network, which will cost millions, has generated national attention, with one city going so far as to temporarily change its name to Google.

City officials are hopeful that the video will help demonstrate widespread community support and that Santa Monica is the perfect pilot community.

The video can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQduSpNk-8.

The music video features original music composed by Jeff Snyder, an aspiring songwriter who is also a part-time city employee. The tune and chorus, “Let’s go Google in Santa Monica!” can get stuck in people’s heads.

“My kids don’t stop singing it over and over again,” said Marcus Taddwilliams after he played the video for his children.

As a diverse, sustainable and plugged-in community with a robust medical sector and a wealth of learning opportunities for all ages and income levels, Santa Monica is ideally positioned to demonstrate and benefit from the presence of an ultra-high-speed broadband network, city officials said.

“We are in a position to be an excellent candidate for Google’s pilot program,” said Jory Wolf, chief information officer for City Hall. “We already have fiber optic cable throughout much of the city for delivering government information and services to the public and for the applications envisioned in Google’s initiative.”

Enthusiasts for Santa Monica’s bid are encouraged to go to smgov.net/1GBinSM to nominate Santa Monica as the pilot city and to join as a Facebook friend at www.facebook.com/1GBinSM.


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