This past week, Q-line asked:

Is the series worth saving or should it be replaced by something more cost effective?

Santa Monica Pier leadership revealed recently that a lack of funding for the annual Twilight Dance Series may force organizers to either scale back the concerts or replace the series with a less expensive version. To make up the shortage, officials have launched a fundraising drive.

Here are your responses:

“I frankly think it is a waste of good money for the freeloader population. These are difficult financial times and taxes are better spent on more necessary things. Also, a lot of the unsavory crowd is attracted to these freebies.”

“I think the Twilight Dance Series should be replaced by a series of rotating concerts in all of the parks that we have here in Santa Monica and using different forms of entertainment like some symphony music, classical music, country western, rock ‘n’ roll, just music that would appeal to more people on a variety level.”

“First, I wish to thank those individuals who have organized the Twilight Dance Series over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed riding my bike down to the pier on Thursday evenings to enjoy what was then the best free show in town. One could depend on hearing various celebrities whose names were readily recognized as stars in the music entertainment world. I especially enjoyed Buck Owens of the western world, Jose Feliciano of the Latin world and the great, progressive jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. I could name all of the celebrities but the list could go on and on. Unfortunately, during the last few years the shows have gone on the wane. In my opinion, the new breed of entertainers would be better suited for the late “Big Daddy” Eric Nord’s Gas House formerly in Venice. I had a good rapport with the Big Daddy. Still his shows were a wee bit Beatnik-ish. I have not attended the shows in awhile and neither have my friends. Perhaps we would have a blast from the past this summer with recognizable entertainers.”

“I think it would be a real tragedy to not have the Twilight Dance Series. There is a lot of money spent on all kinds of other frivolous stuff. I think the Twilight Dance Series should definitely be funded. It would be a terrible shame if it wasn’t. I also happen to be an ex-landlord in this idiot, San Malicious.”

“I think they ought to go back to their original vision, which is it should be a dance series and they should get more local music like Suzy Williams and her Solid Senders, which is a fantastic big band group that is fantastic to dance to. Support the locals and make it more of a dance concert like it used to be. It’s moved away from that. I don’t know how much they are spending on these famous people, but it’s not a dance concert anymore. It’s something else. They don’t have to pay so much money. They can hire our local artists. We’ve got plenty of local musicians that are fabulous to dance to. They are the ones who should be playing up on the pier. I feel very strongly about this.”

“I have been a Santa Monica resident since 1989 and the Twilight Dance Series has recently been showcasing groups that are of little interest. If they would showcase groups that are of interest and just charge a dollar, I think that would be a good option. Another option is to scour Santa Monica and Los Angeles for some up and coming groups. There are a lot of great musicians out there, jazz, soul people, even African music, which the dance series has showcased in the past. We have all of it here.”

“Your question presupposes whether one cares for the decrepit pier, let alone the self-indulgent dance series. Even if you don’t acknowledge the noise and commotion to the pier neighbors, the dance series is an example of City Hall hubris. Injecting taxpayer money on mostly politically correct music and supporting a blackhead of fiscal irresponsibility, the pier, why would a competent City Council support such obvious manipulation of honest, decent, hard-working taxpayers?”

“I think that the Twilight series ought to be paid for by some of the developers who are getting such an advantage from the City Council. They saved a lot of money with the selection of Terry O’Day instead of having a real election. That money ought to be able to handily finance the dance series as it is and I hope it is done that way.”

“The pier concerts are absolutely worth saving. They are one of the best things Santa Monica has to offer and I will do everything I can to keep it going.”

“Don’t do the dance series anymore until there is money for it.”

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