Santa Monica residents can now use their iPhones to report problems in the community — without ever making a phone call. With the new GORequest app, citizens can alert officials of an issue they encounter simply by taking a picture.

iPhone-toting residents who see things like graffiti or trees that need trimming can open the app, choose an issue, snap a picture and submit the report.

The iPhone’s built-in GPS pinpoints the location and sends that information, coupled with the photo, to a staff member who can fix the problem. The app also allows senders to receive updates on the status of their requests.

“So far it’s working very well,” said Jory Wolf, chief information officer. “People love it.”

Wolf said the app has sparked a lot of community interest, as well as enhancing communication between Santa Monica residents and city officials.

The app is expected to make city employees more efficient by quickly and precisely reporting community maintenance issues. It is the newest facet of GO Santa Monica, City Hall’s online government outreach program.

The new program can be downloaded for free by searching GORequest in the iPhone app store. City officials hope to have similar programs available for other phones soon.

Daily Press

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