Oo, Oh, Oo, Oohh, Oh, God, Ooo, Oh, God, Oohh, Ah, Oo, Oh God, Oh yea right there, Uhh, uhh, uhh, Oh, Oh, Oh God, Oh. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Uhh, uhhh, Oh, Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh Yes, Yes Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Uhh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, God.

She takes another bite and an observer chimes in, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

A scene from “When Harry Met Sally,” or the sounds of a very pleased woman? Perhaps both. Aside from sex, what gives a woman so much pleasure? For me it’s chocolate, but not just any chocolate. The only chocolate I consider orgasmic, is my newfound friend/food: Cacao of the Now, a chocolate “superfood” elixir enhanced with tonic (sexual enhancing) herbs, developed by Jing & Co. www.jingandco.com.

Cacao of the Now is found in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods stores throughout southern California. Instead of being made with cocoa butter, which makes chocolate bars hard at room temperature, Cacao of the Now’s fat base is coconut oil blended with creamy almond butter, both of which are liquid or semi-solid at room temperature. When taken right out of the fridge, Cacao of the Now can be popped out of its container and eaten just like any other hard candy bar. If left on the counter for 30 minutes, Cacao of the Now becomes a creamy, pudding-like consistency perfect for spooning into your loved ones lips, or your own. It also blends wonderfully into the milk of your choice for a creamy hot herbal chocolate infusion.

The only side effects, and I caution you, may be an increased sexual drive instead of an increased waistline. It really all depends on your frequency of intake, at 82 calories per serving and two servings per container, those calories can still add up.

Let’s look more closely at what makes Cacao of the Now so powerful. The primary ingredient, raw cacao powder, is simply the “essence” of chocolate. The cacao bean is found inside a large pod that grows on a tree called theobroma cacao. Theobromine, a chemical component of chocolate, is also found in tea leaves and the kola plant as well as in your body as part of the metabolism of caffeine. Theobromine acts similar to caffeine in that it causes increased heart rate, acts as a vasodilator (widens blood vessels) and as a diuretic (makes you urinate). These “side effects,” similar to those experienced during sex (except for the peeing part, well, hopefully), may be some of the reasons why women and some men, use chocolate as a substitute for sex.

So what does Jing & Co. do to make their cacao so wow? They enhance the sexual benefits of cacao by adding cordyceps: a fungus grown in the high altitudes of Tibet, said to “affect sex organs” and promote quality of life and longevity. Of course it does. It’s like a cascade effect, better sex leads to improved quality of life which increases your reasons to live! To add more proof to the “cacao” pudding, there is eucommia bark, an extract used to help promote musculo-skeletal integrity and elasticity and considered by some to be a sexual tonic. And finally, there is he shou wu, as in “He should woo you.” But if he doesn’t, Cacao of the Now can.

In case you do find yourself overindulging in Cacao of the Now, let it’s effect hit you and burn 230 calories an hour during sexual intercourse or at least 130 calories during foreplay, 27 calories if you have an orgasm but 160 calories if you fake it. Hey, that faking part alone pretty much covers your consumption of one container of Cacao of the Now.

Now I know chocolate isn’t everything, well, to some people. Who are they? But with V-day upon us, it’s nice to know there is a chocolate product out there that benefits both the giver and the receiver. Take that any way you please.

If you can’t buy your girl something shiny then buy her something yummy instead. Showing your love doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Money doesn’t grow on trees but chocolate sure does, at least the cacao beans do.

For many women, especially on Valentine’s Day, a little Cacao of the Now just might be good enough. Buy her the Tiffany’s of chocolates meant for you both to enjoy (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Give her some Cacao of the Now. With its touted list of herbal sexual stimulants, I’m sure you can find many, many ways to burn calories. There’s badminton: 408 calories an hour for a man, 244 for a woman; brushing your teeth: 288 man, 136 woman; cooking: 240 man, 144 woman, chopping wood 552 man. The woman just sits back and waits for the burning embers. These are just some of the activities you may have to do leading up to the sex you’ll be having after enjoying Jing’s Cacao of the Now. You’ll like it.

Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Holistic Chef who occasionally stumbles upon a product worth mentioning. To have Elizabeth review your “healthy” product please contact her through her Web site: www.TheKitchenVixen.com

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