Ladies, I know what you’re thinking. What are you going to do for your man on Valentine’s Day? You have less than a week before the big day and you don’t have any plans to take your man out to dinner. Flowers are going to cost you 10 times the normal price and so will dinner. Your favorite restaurant is already booked up and a 10 p.m. dinner reservation may be all that’s left. Your man is most likely wondering what to wear for the big night out and has already written a wonderful card expressing his feelings for you. Odds are you will get lucky tonight.

So ladies how about we look at starting a paradigm shift. Toss out what you’d normally do for your man on this all-important day of love, and let’s treat your man to what he really wants. Let’s first talk about gifts. I’m sure Sears in Santa Monica has some great deals on Craftsman tools. Mac Mall has some great electronics and REI has great outdoor products that should keep your cost under $100. If you want to stay on budget, try baking him cookies. They’re always a hit. He’ll appreciate that as a gift more than the $100 roses that will die in a few days.

If you are into diamonds and fancy jewelry, then go to Readers Jewelers on Wilshire Boulevard and get him a nice watch. Most men will get excited over a new Cartier, Breitling or Rolex watch. Imagine how proud you’ll feel when you go out and your man shows off the wonderful watch you gave him.

In regards to eating, any place that serves beer will most likely work. Also keep in mind a great number of action movies are playing at the theater and he would greatly appreciate spending the evening with you at the movies. Movie or bar food will always be a hit with your man. Men are easy.

Remember that men are very visual. That’s why marketing folks use half naked women in their advertising when trying to reach a male audience. That doesn’t mean you need to pick up your man dressed like a pole dancer, but any clothing a man would not wear like dresses, skirts and heels seem to do the trick for most heterosexual men. Do you remember what you used to wear when you were on the prowl?

If you don’t want to go out, you have plenty of other options. Now, I’m sure you’re not one of those females who’s rumored to have sexy time with your man only on birthdays. So why not have some sexy time with your man on Valentine’s Day? Bring home a DVD, bottle of wine, six pack of Belgian beer, French food from Monsieur Marcel, Polish food from Warszawa, Mexican food from El Cholo, or a good hamburger from Johnny Rockets, all in Santa Monica. Don’t forget to wear some attention grabbing clothing when you come through the door so he can’t take his eyes off you. The two of you could spend an exhilarating evening in the privacy of your own home.

If you’re on a budget, you can keep it simple by making dinner at home for two. Wear something that he finds irresistible and instead of booking a massage, give your man a massage and start the sexy time early! If you have a bathtub, take a bath together and spend some quality time with candles, Sade in the background and enjoy each other’s company. Budgeting doesn’t mean your evening can’t be special.

Maybe the two of you are avid outdoor people. How about a golf weekend in Palm Springs or Pebble Beach? You have plenty of time to take him camping as well. Or you can stay local and take him ice skating or bowling in Santa Monica. Afterwards go for a walk around town and hit the local eateries. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, and you have the extra coin to spare, book a hotel on the Sunset Strip or Downtown at the Standard. The other fun fact most people forget when you stay in town is you don’t have a long drive back when you are ready to head home.

The hotels have great restaurants and will give you priority at the poolside bar. The Viceroy offers the same swanky feel right here in Santa Monica. The nightlife is great, and you can walk back to the room when the evening is over. At Seven Grand (it’s at Seventh Street & Grand in Downtown L.A.), the two of you can go play pool, drink fine scotch and smoke cigars. If mixology is his passion, Varnish is an old speak easy in the back of Coles restaurant. The drink makers at Varnish are something beyond bartenders so just let them make you want ever they want. You will not be disappointed.

Ladies, times are changing. Seize the moment! Valentine’s Day was invented to celebrate the love and passion you feel for your man. Make this Valentine’s Day one he will never forget.

David Alsabery is a high-performance driving instructor and all around nice guy. You can reach him at

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