Santa Monica Fire Fighters work to clean out remains after an electrical fire erupted at the Triathlon Lab at 3328 Pico Blvd. on Thursday afternoon. (photo by Brandon Wise)

PICO BLVD — An electrical fire broke out at Triathlon Lab Thursday afternoon — the result, the store’s owner said, of the major downpour Southern California has faced this week.

Lloyd Taylor, the owner of the store located at 3328 Pico Blvd., said water leaked through the seal protecting the building’s meter system, causing an “explosion” in the small annex that housed the store’s power source.

The annex was completely destroyed, said Capt. Mark Bridges of the Santa Monica Fire Department, but no injuries were reported, although customers and employees were in the store when the fire broke out around 1:11 p.m.

The employees evacuated the customers as soon as the fire was discovered, Taylor said, and the fire department was on the scene within minutes.

Bridges estimated the total damage — including the smoke damage to clothing in the store — to be about $10,000, although Taylor said he could not confirm that number before hearing from his insurance company.

Taylor did say the fire would have serious consequences for his store, which opened only seven months ago.

“We won’t know when we will be able to open again because the power source is completely destroyed,” Taylor said. “We’ll definitely have a loss of income over the next 48 to 72 hours until the power gets up and running, and we’ll probably have to sell all of the clothing we have on sale or collect from insurance.”

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