This past week, Q-line asked:

With the passing of Mayor Ken Genser last week, a flood of memories come to mind. In his many years in office, he made quite a mark on local government. What do you think will be the lasting legacy of the late mayor?

Here are your responses:

“I’ll mourn the passing of any human being and extend sympathies to his family and friends. But, that’s where it ends. The terrible damage that has been done to this once great city by low-cost housing, over building, the horrible influx of bums and low lifes, and worsening traffic has to be laid at his feet and the rest of the City Council. That’s the reality.”

“I am sorry for Mr. Genser’s relatively early passing. I am told that he was a very, very smart person. But, all through history, very smart people have led their followers into disastrous consequences. Very, very smart people have very, very large egos. A wise leader understands his ego and the egos of his fellow citizens. He promotes their own self sufficiency and simple life. If looking back on 30 years of egotistical policies promoting a quasi-socialist workers paradise of taking from those who work hard and make even harder decisions then Mr. Genser is the greatest politician we’ve seen in our town.”

“Lying with statistics, belittling people making public comments at City Council meetings, 23 dead ficus trees in Downtown Santa Monica, and over development of Santa Monica.”

“Friend is a word of royal tone. Friend is a poem all alone.”

“Unfortunately, Ken Genser’s only legacy that I’m aware of is he ignored the voters and undemocratically appointed an un-elected person, Gleam Davis, to a vacant council seat. It also proves that once again that lacking term limits, a seat on the Santa Monica City Council equals lifetime tenure.”

“I think the lasting legacy of the late Mayor Ken Genser will be for many of us citizens he was the only unifying member on the council. Whether it young or old, rich or poor, workers or somebody well-heeled, he had a dialogue with every one of them and he was friendly and polite to all of them when they appeared before the council. His will be absolutely missed.”

“Ken Genser’s primary agenda was more affordable, rental housing. The Village rental housing project approved for development across from City Hall on the former Rand Property should be named for Ken Genser.”

“Genser, the champion of low-income housing, managed for 22 years to develop it everywhere but in his neighborhood. The proposed low-income Village across from City Hall should bear his name and as the sun sets, the six stories can cast a shadow on City Hall every evening.”

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