Did I miss the speech that President Obama gave telling Democrats in Congress to honor their promise to give us the same health care “that both Sen. McCain and I enjoy as federal employees?” Nope. Did he fight the good fight to give us that same coverage and lose? Nope. The fact is, he did not even try.

If they are to keep their campaign promise, the president and the Democrats in Congress owe us the same proven health care plan that they currently receive or they need to move all federal employees to the same plan that they are proposing for us. Separate but equal does not cut it. It should bother all Americans that the health care bill that they are offering us is so bad that members of Congress do not want it for themselves. You remember when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie” at Obama? This same congressman has floored a vote every step of the way to try to force Congress to use the same health program that they are proposing for us. The Democrats have voted it down each and every time.

To better support pharmaceutical and health care corporations, President Obama decided to break another of his campaign promises and within days of taking office began holding closed-door meetings with executives where he negotiated away who knows what to get their support. That’s not the “transparency in government” that he promised us. Did you believe that Bush worked in our best interests when he held secret meetings with big oil? Why would you believe otherwise now? Obama stated that the reason the Clintons failed on health care was because they held secret meetings instead of open meetings in front of the American people. Fail Obama! Fail Democrats!

When campaigning for health care reform, Obama had promised repeatedly throughout his run for the presidency that he would “have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN so the people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who is making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.” He stated that by televising all health care discussions on C-SPAN that it would “shame members of Congress” into doing the right thing. Twenty-seven secret meetings later, it’s apparent who the president and the Democrats —who I now call Lameocrats — work for.

As a Republican, I want the health care the Democrats and Obama promised us. I’m for free market capitalism, but unfortunately health care does not offer the opportunity for free market capitalism. You cannot shop hospitals from the back of an ambulance. You cannot negotiate with your doctors when they have you under general anesthetic. You cannot get the best drug pricing when Congress has laws that specifically allow pharmaceutical companies to charge Americans 10 times more than Europeans and Canadians for the same medicine. The American medical industry as it stands today is highway robbery that’s sanctioned by the government, and none of this will be changed under the current health care package being offered by Congress.

Democrats, I am embarrassed for you. You’re all hoping that change will come while your lover lies to your face. The best excuses I hear for why Obama cannot give us health care are sad and pathetic. Some tell me that it is too expensive. The French pay 10 percent less taxes than we pay in Santa Monica, and get free health care. Please don’t tell me how our health care is better than the French. I have used their system and can say with certainty their’s is better, and I paid next to nothing for it.

No one laughed at Obama and said that it was too expensive when he was debating Sen. McCain. No one is telling me that it’s too expensive to continue to give that health care to all of the federal workers in the United States. Yet it’s too expensive to give it to the rest of us? Many people reading this article are one major sickness away from being homeless.

The big lie the Obama Cult tells me sounds like this, “David, he will get us that health care when it goes to committee.” Why are all the meetings in secret when the American people already gave him the power to make change happen without needing one Republican vote or secret meeting? Why are both Democrat controlled houses of Congress not allowing C-SPAN to cover this historic opportunity?

Our health care system has failed. Ask yourself how many times you’ve met with an intern or a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor, or had drug reps go right in while you’re kept waiting. If you do get to see a doctor, has your highly trained doctor required you to wait an hour when you have an appointment, only to have him walk in and out in five minutes. Dr. James Baharvar in Santa Monica is an exception and really takes the time to help his customers. I am sure that costs him a great deal of money to offer such exceptional service.

George Bush Sr. lost the election because he made a campaign promise. “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Please hold Obama and the Lamocrats responsible for failing you now.

David Alsabery is a high performance driving instructor and all around nice guy. He can be reached at alsabery@gmail.com.

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