This past week Q-Line asked:

With the new year comes much speculation. Will City Hall land the Broad museum? Will the Expo light rail project stay on track? How will the new city manager do? The possibilities are endless. What do you predict will make headlines in 2010?

Here are your responses:

“Santa Monica fires all consultants; city staff to do work.”

“I think that corduroy pillows will be making headlines this year.”

“First is light rail, further dividing this town like the freeway over 40 years ago, benefiting L.A. at our expense. Next will be the daily, ongoing debacle of the school district — free lunches, free tuition, free advancements, free managerial housing, free raises, free money. A third-grade moron could have seen the financial crisis coming and the school board’s over reliance on taxpayer bond measures. Just like City Hall and SMC, the school board has taken $100 million and trashed it with incompetence and 10 percent layoffs. Stalin had a cigarette and a wall for these educational failures.”

“My prediction for 2010 is that the Santa Monica newspaper loses a lot of its readers because you continue to have this hateful, self-centered, ‘Going Postal’ Steve ‘the Mailman’ Breen on your first few pages. Please get rid of this man. Are you guys for real? The whole column is about him and his Valium and drug use. Please, we are a little more sophisticated in Santa Monica than that. Enough of this dude.”

“It should make headlines when the Santa Monica Urban Forest Master Plan Task Force comes up with a positive, community participatory, long-range plan for the city’s trees. And I’m sure it will also make headlines when the City Council passes a resolution in support of an ongoing, Santa Monica Tree Commission.”

“I think what is going to make headlines is the continuing water shortage. All these crazy, giant projects they want to build on the Westside should be knocked down. We do not have enough water for the people we have here now. How can we build these giant projects. And also, there’s not enough electricity, either. We are always having power shortages. So, until those two problems are rectified, we must say no to all these giant projects..”

“One would think that 2010 would include continued coverage of the issues surrounding Santa Monica Airport. There will be more to report on about the new UCLA air monitoring study that shows aircraft operations at the airport are sending plumes of pollution into Los Angeles’ North Westdale Neighborhood.  Also, coming soon will be the topic, what will happen in 2015 with the airport when the Santa Monica Airport agreement has concluded. These will no doubt be questions asked to the next City Council candidates. These are important issues that will have national attention.”

“The airport will definitely make headlines. Santa Monica is being forced to concede that its airport is blowing far too much pollution into adjacent neighborhoods. The science has them cornered and the only way out is for them to join the efforts of Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution who have, for many years now, been the true leaders saying enough with the toxic jet fumes.”


Leftovers from last week

Previously, Q-Line asked:

What should be City Hall’s New Year’s resolutions be?

“Get the bicycles off the sidewalks so we can walk and not worry about getting rammed by somebody’s bicycle.”

“The Santa Monica City Council’s New Year’s resolution should be landmarking the last parking space without a meter or multiple signs for future generations.”

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