This past week, Q-line asked:

It’s the new year and people are making pledges to lose weight, save money or be nicer to people. What should Santa Monica’s New Year’s resolution be?

Here are your responses:

“Santa Monica’s New Year’s resolution, I think, should be ‘Let it be, let it be.’ We’ve got to stop trying to dictate and baby-sit and handhold and mother the good people of Santa Monica through laws and regulations. I believe the leaf blower regulation changes are good because they affect the quality of health, noise, and it’s a excellent way to tighten up the poorly-worded original regulation. However, the smoking in apartments regulation is poorly thought out. What about all those tons of people who smoke pot in their apartments in Santa Monica? Trust me, there’s a lot. Since we made it the lowest priority for the city of Santa Monica to arrest someone in their own homes for smoking marijuana, and there are many people who are truly ill with cancer and debilitating issues such as anorexia who are able to have their appetites stimulated through marijuana smoking, trust me it’s stimulated, then this is a poorly thought out regulation. What happens to the pot smokers in their apartments with valid reasons, medical or otherwise. Are they then going to bare the brunt of the smoke regulations being proposed … ?”

“I think the whole City Council and most of the entire city administration should retire and do all of us a big favor. They have done so much damage to this city, most of which is irreversible. But just not having them around would be a big New Year’s treat. Oh, and take all the favorite bums and freeloaders with them.”

“My suggestion is to get an all new City Council as soon as possible.”

“Many years ago when I was 5 years old, prior to the Marina del Rey inlet being dredged and Marina del Rey being built, our family would drive from Manhattan Beach along the coast line to Venice to enjoy pirate days being held on the Venice amusement pier. Soon after the Venice amusement pier was completely torn down, leaving only the Santa Monica Pier that was eventually torn down. My point being is that the area between Washington Boulevard in Venice and San Vicente Boulevard in Santa Monica has always been in a state of transition and nary a day has passed that I have not heard the ping of a hammer hitting the flat head of a nail. I do not expect this transition to end, not with the railroad coming to town. I cannot wait until the railroad passes across Lincoln Boulevard. So with this thought in mind, I will seek a simple New Year’s resolution for the city of Santa Monica, which is the city should implement a cleaning program. The sidewalks are filthy dirty with wads of chewing gum embedded into the concrete and the 70,000 palm trees in the city have wild weed growth at their bases. The alleys are abominable due to urine, vomit and feces. I trust those reading my comment will understand my point, without me going on, and on, and on.”

“After over 30 years of fascist control of our town by Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights, let’s finally vote the crooks out.”

“Santa Monica should resolve to plant more trees and appoint Jerry Rubin as the next city manager.”

“What they should do is get rid of all those drunkards, the bums who steal the shopping carts, put them in jail for stealing the shopping carts because it’s a crime. We should get rid of them.”

“To get rid of the City Council. Rent Control has been the foul idea of inserting greed and avarice into our community. The council and its progressive, European socialist thought has turned Santa Monica into a very ugly town. And don’t forget the school board. If the teacher’s union and SEIU had any backbone they would ask the whole school board to resign. People are going to lose their jobs because of the board’s incompetence. Just like Wall Street, the little people will get the ax while the head honchos will get a raise. Happy New Year, even to you carpetbaggers supporting these clumsy comrades.”

“Fix the traffic signals so we don’t have to stop when there isn’t any cross traffic, i.e., 15th and Wilshire.”

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