This past week, Q-line asked:

A recent Daily Press article discovered that just 41 percent of Santa Monica companies have a Web site, and only four percent have online ads.

Do you think that those companies without an online presence suffer as a result or do you think being on the internet is overrated?

Here are your responses:

“One would have to consult the 4 percent online ad users if they feel they are benefitting from their ad placement. Over the years, I owned small businesses and the advertising I used always paid for itself. Still, I am not certain that I derived a profit by advertising greater than I would have had I not advertised. The key to a successful business venture is having an excellent product.”

“Being on the Web is mostly a good idea for businesses that have something unique, because if you have something nobody else has, then you’e got a customer base all over the world. You can send your product out from Portland, Oregon, Portland, Maine, or even Moscow, Russia if you wanted to.”


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